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Need Remote Codes for a 9865HDC to program a Universal MX-350 Remote

Just upgraded to a Contour 9865HDC Record 6 DVR.  Expected it to be easy to find the 3 digit code to program my Universal MX-350 remote to work with it but none of the published codes for Cisco or Cox boxes work.  Was told by COX tech support that the 9865HDC has no such code and so other remotes can't be programmed to work with it.  I find that either obviously wrong, since every device in the last 20 years has had a code, or, if true, whoever is doing the equipment purchasing for Cox is a fool. Tech said the remote that came with the box is a "universal" remote.  I pointed out that being IR technology, it wouldn't work through a cabinet (which is why I bought an expensive RF remote) and it only controls 4 devices and I have 6.  Somebody please help because Cox apparently won't.

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  • Smokey Stover,

    The remote for the Contour 9865HDC Record 6 DVR is preprogrammed to be able to be switched between Cisco or Motorola Cox owned Advanced TV receivers. Because of this, no programming code is available to enter. Have you tried using the Learning Method to program your Universal MX-350 remote to work with the 9865HDC?