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Need new Modem/WiFi Router that also supports Cox Phone

We went and purchased an Arris SBG6700 to replace the Arris (old!!) and it is on the list of approved devices. Unfortunately, there is not anywhere to plug our Cox phone line into. Can anyone recommend one that can be a modem/WiFi Router that also supports Cox Phone service? I want to make sure we get the right thing, the 2nd time around :(

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    you have to get it from cox it's free as long as you keep phone through cox

  • Hello PurrrdyGurl,

    A telephony modem can be picked up at the Cox Solutions Store. There is no monthly charge for this modem, unless you need one that has WiFi capability. You can use the modem you have for Internet and just use the telephony modem for phone service, if you have another active cable outlet. The rental fee for a WiFi Telephony modem is $6.99 a month. A telephony modem without WiFi has no monthly rental charge.