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need larger type, please?

Hi folks,

I'm new to Cox and compared to other systems I've used, I find that the size of the type is too small on the guide and program explanations throughout the system

Am I alone in this? Is there no one else who has a hard time reading the type on this system?

I called in already, and they said there was nothing I could do about it. I can't believe that  there is no way to enlarge or adjust the type size, just like the way to enlarge and adjust the closed captioning. 

Any suggestions? If we make enough noise, maybe they'll hear us? Thanks everyone!

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  • Hey Need Larger Type On Guide, 

    At this time there is no option to change the Font Size but an alternative to that would be to maybe change the background color and contrast to see it better. 

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    Glad to find that there are others out there who cannot read the Guide from a reasonable television watching distance. My Chief of Staff who is 72 with good eye sight when she has her contacts in cannot read the Contour 2 Box Guide from the couch where she could easily read the Guide on the old fashioned DVR that Cox provided before we were enlisted to take on the new Contour Box.

    I like a lot of the features of the new Contour 2 but when my Chief of Staff says JUMP I have to go through a lot of hoops and the hassle is getting to be too much.

    Cox definitely needs to provide an easy way to read the Guide especially when the Television is under 50'' and the viewer is sitting a reasonable distance from the Television.

    If you happen to have at least a  42'' set in your living room you should be able to read the Guide from a Couch roughly 15 feet from the set. 

    The previous DVR Cox provided had a GUIDE you could read easily and it is my understanding that the original Contour Box provided instructions on how to change the Font in the Guide.  But, the current Contour 2 has not yet been updated with such a feature. We need more folks like us to reach out to Cox and let them know that we are not happy campers.

  • You are not alone (whoever posted the above complaint)!  I have been complaining about the font size on the new contour boxes since we got them - we have two at the house and from a reasonable viewing distance (or from sitting in bed and watching tv) you cannot read the white on black,, maybe changing the color grid on the Guide would help  ...