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Need Help Understanding LOGIC

For the past several years we exit the summer heat about 1 June and return about 1 October. 

Upon leaving we put services on vacation and re-activate upon return. That has involved newspaper, internet and cable TV. There may be a small fee for this vacation privilege. 

There has never been a problem prior to this years return. Newspaper – no problem, internet – no problem, cable (DirecTV) – no problem. 

Last year I changed my cable TV over to Cox. But this year when I called to re-activate internet and cable TV, I was told that my cable bill would be greatly increased, but that they would attempt to get me the latest best deal available. I stated that I had just put it on vacation, not canceled. 

I was informed that the system basically cancels, it doesn't know how to just lapse service. 

I find this totally non-logical.

The obvious question would be, why wasn't I told that this would happen and then why would I want to pay a $6/month TV and $9.99/month internet vacation fees to hold my service for the summer. I should be told “Just cancel, save yourself the money, because your service is terminated!”  

I sent in a complaint letter and received a call back stating "That is the way we run our business!"

What did the $15.99/month fee buy me??

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    Hi Jim00,

    We can look into this for you. Please email us at with your account information.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    Hi Andrew,

    We currently offer the seasonal service.

    Thank you,
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    The program is still offered on the Cox website:

    It's called Seasonal Hold.

    Cox screwed up.  Even if they had cancelled this program, the representative made an agreement with Jim to "hold" the account.  Jim paid for the service.  Cox is obligated to resume his normal monthly fee(s).  Meaning, no great increase because Cox either mistakenly agreed or cancelled the account.

    Maybe a lawyer can demo the way HE or SHE does business.