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I am a subscriber to NBC Sports Network, CSN-New England, and SNY.  I am trying to use the NBC Sports app on my iPhone to stream a Mets game on SNY (I live in Central CT, so I am in-market according to MLB).  However, I get a popup box that says: Authentication Error.  We're sorry it looks like you're not a subscriber to this channel.  Please contact your provider.  I used to get this error until just recently with CSN-New England when trying to watch a Celtics game, but I've noticed that the problem has been corrected and CSN content is now available through the app.   Is this something that will be corrected, or has Cox chosen not to offer this service, as most other local television providers have?

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    We will need to trouble shoot your account and user name. Since we don't suggest posting personal information in a public forum, please email us at with the account details, the user name, and a link to this post.