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Nbc rio olympics app not accepting cox logins

So the NBC Rio Olympics app requires you to sign in with your cable provider but it will not except Cox cable passwords! I've tried mine and my mothers and neither of them have worked. I just get a We're Sorry message. any ideas? On iOS by the way.

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    I am having a similar problem. I get sent to the Cox login page, it seems I am getting through but then I see the message: 

    We're Sorry

    It looks like your TV subscription does not provide access to this service. Please contact your TV provider for more information.

    I don't have access to all NBC channels that show Olympics, but I do have USA, NBC, Telemundo, MSNBC, and soccer and basketball channels. I should be able to watch something on, or maybe not?

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    Same problem...didnt have this problem in 2012 Olympics. I called customer service and the guy there couldnt log in from his computer either, seems cox users are blocked or something.  

  • same issue here.  we can log in and then we receive the "not in your subscription" message.

    called customer support; they could not figure it out and had no answers.

    maybe Cox can get this fixed before the Olympics end.

  • I upgraded my TV package and still got this error message: 

    We're Sorry

    It looks like your TV subscription does not provide access to this service. Please contact your TV provider for more information.

    What "TV Subscription" is necessary to get "access to this service?"

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    I got cable last week just to watch the Olympics online. What a waste! I am also having this issue.

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    Check your cookies setting.  I had firefox set to block all 3rd party cookies and couldn't sign on to nbcolympics dot com.  Allowed all cookies and sign on completed and watching the Olympics.  After signon, changed back to block all 3rd party and it seams to remember my signon.  Guess you must set the cookie once and it remembers ... HTH others with signon problems.

  • Hi Everyone,

    A subscription to Cox TV Essential is required to access the majority of Olympics programming. Are you using the correct app? Make sure you are using the NBC Sports app.

    Cox customers are not blocked from using the NBC Sports app. I watched the men's cycling road race on my iPad yesterday morning. Are you logging in with your Cox Primary User ID? Before trying to log into the app or online at, make sure you can log in successfully at

    NBC requires that viewers subscribe to certain channels via their cable provider in order to live-stream corresponding online content. Olympic programming will be aired on the following channels:
    • Bravo
    • CNBC
    • Golf
    • NBC
    • NBC Sports Network
    • NBC Universo
    • MSNBC
    • Telemundo
    • USA
    • NBC Olympic Basketball channel
    • NBC Olympic Soccer channel

    Check your local listings at for channel numbers. Also, you can verify your channel subscription by logging into your Cox account and clicking on the "My Channel Lineup" link from the My Account home page.

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    I have the Cox Economy TV package and I can watch NBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, USA, and the basketball and the soccer channel on my TV. Shouldn't I be able to see some of the Olympic programming on or with the NBC app?

    When I try to use the app on my iPad, there is a Cox icon in the upper right window of that app, and when I click on that I get a sign-in page for Cox. I type in my username and password, which I verified is correct and the only one I use for my account, and as a result I see a page with the following content:

    HTTP Status 404 -
    type Status report
    description The requested resource is not available
    Apache Tomcat/7.0.55
    I click on Back and I am in the NBC Sport app again. If I try to watch anything I get a message "We are sorry OK".

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    As Becky was saying a subscription to the TV Essential package is required which is not included as part of the TV Economy package. In order to get access to digital Olympics content a service upgrade would be required in your situation.