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NAT Issue with Playstation 4

Currently have a "Strict" NAT type. Trying to find a way to Open my NAT. I'm Using the NetGear N600 C3700 Modem/Router. I have Enabled my UPnP, and enabled DMZ and I'm still have the "Strict" NAT issues. From there I tried setting up a static IP for my Playstation and enabled all the Playstation Ports, using Port Forwarding. Still having the issue. Does Cox not offer a Public IP? Even when connect though LAN I'm still having a NAT issue. It's dropping my connection on my Playstation and either not allowing me to enter multiplayer games or just booting me out of servers.. I would love to hear back on this topic. If anyone has any information to help it would be very appreciated.



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    Did you have the static IP for your PS when you "enabled DMZ"? Did you enter that static address as the address of the DMZ server? That should place the PS directly on the net, open all ports and give you open NAT ... just be careful, firewall protection to the PS is disabled .... for security reasons, use of DMZ is only recommended for testing, not for normal use. Hopefully, you can get UPnP and/or port forwarding to work.

    Your other question, yes, Cox gives you one public IP address ... that's the address of the WAN side of the router section of your gateway.