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Why is a major NASCAR race not being broadcast on Cox?  This is not acceptable.   

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  • Yes, Where  is NASCAR???? it is scheduled to be on Channel 803 but it's NOT........We're talking Bristol for Pete's sake!!!

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    Preseason football preempted it.

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    Hi NASCAR in Fairfax and Sports on TV,

    The content of the channel is controlled by the broadcaster.  We broadcast what the networks provide us. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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    Because they are a bunch of incompetent,idiotic,stupid jerks. They don't care about their customers only the money we spend. I called and got the run around from a guy in Kansas for 15 minutes . He didn't have a clue.. Yes the race was supposed to be on 803 because of the Redskins being on 1004. Geez Columbo and the Rockford Files shows from the 70's when I was a kid.. I want a credit on my account. 100% b.s. and 100 % the fault of Cox Communications!! I hope someone there has the manhood to contact me..But I doubt it.

  • Hello Mike,

    Apologize if you missed the game tonight.  Cox does not control the content on the channels aired.  We only rebroadcast what is provided by the networks. 

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    it's not cox 's fault blame the OTA network that was supposed to carry the game