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For a week I have been unable to pick up "sports" or "more". Both of these are followed by a V. I can pick up all the other categories. A tech. couldn't find any problems. Any ideas?

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  • fjm

    I'm having a bit of trouble understanding your question. Are you referring to a guide search or some missing channels? Please clarify.

    Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • My Safari home page will not let me view sports. A blue rectangle surrounds sports when I click it.  I used to get National, then Local when I clicked on sports.  What's up??

  • Ernest McGrady, 

    Let me look at this for you. Please advise what version of Safari you are using. Please also try clearing cache and let me know if that helps. I noticed you also emailed us. Please let me know if you would prefer to troubleshoot here or via email.