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My "Up to 50mbs" has never been reached on wired or wireless connection. Please Help!


I have a brand new Arris Surfboard SB6141 Docsis 3.0 modem good for 100mbs and a new AC1750 TPLink Router just so you know what sort of equipment I'm running.

Lately my speeds running wireless through the wireless router have been as slow as 10mbs, usually in the 15-20mbs range.  Although, I just checked and saw a wireless 31mbs and 6mbs upload. 

After reading a number of posts on slow speeds the consensus was to run a wired test straight from the modem to the PC.  I just ran a few tests with the PC wired directly to the modem and got 28, a 31mbs download and right at 6mbs upload.  I was really hoping to see the sort of speeds I'm paying for, but it didn't happen.

What gives?  Is this whole "Up to XXmbs" download speed sort of like car manufacturers ambitious fuel economy mpg's we'll never see?

Cox-what can you do?  I'm not a real happy camper paying for something that isn't being delivered.

Thanks Much for looking into it for me

Chip from Baton Rouge

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    On a wired connection that type of variability is suspicious.  I'd either wait for one of the admins here to check your modem, or call in to tech support so someone can check out your modem. 

    Typically you should see your 50Mbps +/- 20% or so (so between 40 to 60, it averages out over time).

    Wifi?  Depending on your equipment and how well you can finesse the settings, you can typically get 40-60% of your wired speed, but you'll have to remember that all the clients (tablets, smartphones, laptops etc) add up to end up close to your base line speed.

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    Thanks for the input Grymwulf.

    Hopefully with a little help from the Cox folks we can get my connection up to speed.


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    I'd like to see what may be causing you not to get the speeds you're supposed to. A direct modem to PC connection is the best way to determine what speeds you're getting. Please send an e-mail with your account information and a link to this forum post to We'll help get this figured out!
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    Thanks for the response Derrick.

    I'll reach out in the morning to see about getting this sorted.