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my speeds are all over the board from 3 mbt to 90 mbt,but im paying for 150 mbt of speed.

been trying to fix this issue for months but they cant.its sporatic so when they just came out it was fine but a few hours later it went way down.its time i bring this to BBB because im being told all kinds of stories to get them out of fixing,making me look like a fool,im so done!!!

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    @cant watch tv online

    I looked at this from here and the modem seems OK but I'm concerned about the devices you're using. It appears the one active wired connection I see does not have a gigabit Ethernet port which is required for speeds faster than 100Mbps. I'm also not seeing any devices on the 5Ghz wifi network. The device features a 2.4Ghz wifi radio for backwards compatibility purposes however you will not see 150Mbps when connected to this radio.