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My Profile page won't load correctly

I have been trying to access My Profile Overview page for a couple of weeks now, but can never get it to load.  URL is   It shows that I am logged in,  with my username,  address, account number, etc 
Between the My Profile header and the three tabs for Profile... Password... and Users...  there is an error message

We're sorry, an unexpected error has occurred with this application. Please try again. If you need help, contact Customer Support or Live Chat for assistance.

Underneath the three tabs is another message

Oops! Something went wrong. Please refresh your page and try again.

I am running the most current version of Firefox,  Windows 7, have allowed scripts, refreshed and reloaded many times,  but just keep getting the same error messages.  Would appreciate some help with this.

Really displeased with the new email and profile / account pages.   The "old" versions were working perfectly.   Currently I am getting "new" inbox messages to my account that are over a month old,  that I read and deleted a month ago when I received them on the "old" version.  Hope this mess gets cleared up.

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    Forgot to mention that I did try to open in a new tab the Profile or Users section using their own address at ....home.cox#tab1-a1, etc  but this only opens the My Profile Overview page again.

    Fortunately, I have found that I can access this page on an Android phone with Firefox,  but I much prefer to do so on my own computer.

  • Hi Dxd,

    Do you have another browser on your computer that you can use as a test? I'm able to open the My Profile page in Firefox on a Windows 7 PC without any errors. Also, what version of Firefox are you using? To find out, click on the Firefox menu icon, click on the question mark icon at the bottom of the menu, and choose "About Firefox".

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    As stated in my original post, my Firefox is up to date.  I have AdBlockPlus and NoScript,  which I disabled (ABP) and gave temporary permissions to (allowed scripts to run).  If it's something in the advanced settings for NoScript,  I'll have to "live with it".

    I tried Explorer,  which I never ever use,  and got the expected message that it would need to be upgraded because of the "new" Cox site.  After installing IE 11 (against my wishes)  I am finally able to access the new Profile Overview page and regain access to secondary accounts.  I guess I will simply have to suffer with IE for the rare occasions that I will access the profile page.

    Now if only Cox would fix the appsuite and email so that it would actually work correctly for it's paying customers. I'm not receiving some new emails,  I am receiving old deleted emails as if they are new, random messages will be selected and highlighted when I first open my inbox, the list goes on.

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    Hello I had exactly the same problem, cox was no help at all as usual.

    I was using chrome on windows 7, after logging onto my account on a different machine I found that it worked properly.

    I compared the chrome settings between each and found that if you are not allowing 3rd party cookies you will not be able to see your account profile. I changed the setting to allow them and now it works properly.

    Hope this helps ;-)