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My Network has shows a connection that I do not want, but can't remove

I turned on my computer and had messages from my AVAST software that a new connection was made on my system. I am connected to my local router on my normal network, however another connection is shown as Cox Communications Inc. (Realtek PCIe GBE, US)

I do not remeber ever seeing this before. Is someone pirating on my Cox connection?

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  • Hi Rigbland,

    Realtek PCle GBE is probably the network adapter in your PC. Is your network secure? To ensure that no one can connect to your network without your knowledge, it is important to secure your in-home network with a password. If you are worried about unauthorized access to your network, it might be a good time to change your password to something new.

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    Pretty sure this is a hold over of the 169 bug with Windows 10 that happened a while ago. It reset the list of "trusted networks" which is a list of MAC address of wireless networks you have connected to. It basically is your computer forgetting that you have connected to your network before and your Antivirus thinks it's a security issue. My friend has Windows 10 laptop and got a similar warning from Avast.