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My IP Is Blacklisted

I have a website, tried to login to my webmail and couldn't. Asked my Host what's wrong and they said my IP is blacklisted and to ask my internet provider.

I did and Cox is going to give me a new modem to correct this, I asked my Host if this was the correct action, and they said

"That is not the problem at all. Rebooting the modem may get you a new IP that is not blacklisted. If it does it would just pass the blacklisted IP to someone else. They really need to fix the problem.

If they give you a new modem it would get you a different IP and you may no longer be blacklisted. That is a way to bypass the issue but not fix it. someone else on their network is just going to end up with the problem."

So folks, what should Cox be doing about this??

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    I'm having what is probably the same or a closely related issue.  I use a VPN and when I am connected to the VPN I can't send emails using my Cox account.  It seems Cox is aware of the problem but isn't doing anything about it.

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    Hello JoeFromSD and Bob,

    Thank you for contacting Cox Social Media team. I wanted to clarify are you out of the country trying to access the Cox website login, email, ect? Please advise Thanks
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    Hello, I also cannot access my email account, I am on vacation in Costa Rica and am being challenged to enter my SSN4 which is then not accepted. Live chat leads one around in circles unless you log in....which leads back to.... I left my email as an emergency contact and now cannot access it.

  • Hi Travelin,

    We will need to take a closer look at this sign in trouble you've experienced while in Costa Rica. Please email your name, address, and the email you've been attempting to sign in with.