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My internet has been terrible and I have no idea what to do anymore....

I have had an absolute terrible experience for the past 3 to 4 months now. My main issue is connectivity, when my internet is connected its absolutely perfect - 300 MB/s down 30 MB/s up - but consistently, and randomly, I will lose connection completely. I ping test or anything for that matter I chose that IP due to that's what the 10 technicians who have came to my house send packets to, and it will be beautiful pings mid teens low twenties, then when an issue comes up "Request timed out". Sometimes it is only one packet, sometimes 15 packets (which is like 30 seconds straight with no connection). I have completely replaced all hardware multiple times, RG11 from pole is brand new, RG6 for about 3 feet straight to modem. Only one split connection on the side of house. I've had 10 techs come out and like clockwork my internet is being garbage and I get a call and BOOM internet is blazing perfectly until the moment they leave. I sound crazy I know... but its happened more than 10 times perfectly, different scheduling times also to rule out the fluke experience. My computer is a wired connection to router through modem. TV is Wi-Fi. I have ruled out hardware issue by going with 4 different sets of modems / routers / modem routers specifically installed / supplied by cox. Taking router out of equation does not effect the issue. No one can seem to see the issue, I have many copied ping tests but have NEVER been able to replicate for a tech to see, which keeps them from sending maintenance techs to inspect splitters / amps. I call cox and get the" well everything looks good we'll send someone out" as usual, then tech comes and says "everything looks amazing". I regularly stream and can see the moment I begin to lose connection and can look over at my TV and countdown the seconds before the buffering of my movie begins to happen because its no longer connected. On the bigger episodes where I lose more than 2 packets or so my modem will basically hard reset back to only power light and begin to re identify IP. Any one have any ideas or thoughts of what I can do? I am an avid gamer and going out of my mind.

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    @Jordan Price

    Can you try visiting and posting the signal status and logs (if available). Maybe there's something there that'll help us figure out what is going on.