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my dvr will not record

My brand new dvr will not record. I keep getting a message that there is a problem with dvr and we are working on it. That's a lot of bs. error # xre06027. what can I do?

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  • Hello Golfnut12,

    I apologize for the delay in reply! Thanks for the error message you're receiving on the DVR receiver. Have you received assistance on this trouble? If a hard reset to the receiver for 2 minutes hasn't cleared the error message when trying to record, then we may need to take a closer look for a resolution. Please email us at with the address and name on the account.

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    Issue resolved. It helps to install the correct box. Wrong box was installed the very first day .Cox technician came in and immediately noticed that the wrong dvr box was installed by the "professional" installer. Cox do your own work!
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