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My data usage has exploded and I don't know why!

Is there a way to see exactly how much data each device connected to my home network uses? I have a Netgear C6300BD combo. I've gone through as many of those settings as I could understand, but it doesn't tell me much, because I have no idea what I'm looking at. I've also combed through the cox website and support forums, and I haven't seen this issue.
Here's my problem:
From February to March, I used about 156GB of data, which has been about my normal monthly usage. From March to April, it was 238GB. But from April to May, my usage skyrocketed to 822GB!! And again this month, with 3 days left in the cycle, I am at 800GB! I don't have more than 6 devices that connect here, and they're mostly smartphones.
I've also noticed in the last two months my WiFi connection drops, then immediately reconnects. It happens about every 15-20 minutes for hours, then it stays connected with no drops for days, then starts again.
I'm frustrated, and I just don't know what to do anymore.
I've been with Cox for over two years, and I've had the normal frustrations that customers have with big companies, but it's starting to get out of control. I feel like as the prices rise, the service demenishes.
Please help me figure this out. Thanks.

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  • Just for future reference,  it is virtually impossible to speak to anyone at Netgear. So i have spent the last 10 hours of my life scouring the Netgear forums for answers. The more I would read, the more I realized how many seemingly different issues I've been having with my service and modem are all connected somehow. Since I got the C6300, my service has been slow and it randomly drops all the devices connected. But then it connects right back. It does that over and over for a few hours, then stays connected for a few hours with no interruptions. When I looked at the logs, I saw DoS attacks coming from my network from some device that shows up on the router, but wasn't actually connected to my WiFi. Anyway, it COULD POSSIBLY all be connected to either the firmware, or the compatibility issues. 

    One possible explanation is that my firmware is out of date. So i will soon start searching for a way to update it. 

    ●Need a firmware upgrade to V2.01.18

    ●The second possible explanation for everything is that there is an ipv6 compatibility issue on netgear routers.

    So I guess I will spend the rest of my night trying to get this settled. I'll update afterwards.

    If ANYONE has figured this out, please let me know.

  • I just ended a live chat with a support representative from Cox who told me I have to contact Netgear for a firmware upgrade. I told her I have, and Netgear will not do it because the router belongs to Cox. So she proceeded to give me a link to and a link to download drivers. I told her again that Netgear said I had to contact the owner of the router, which is Cox. So she asked if I wanted NETGEARS support number!!!  

    I was so frustrated with the back-and-forth, I told her I just wanted a new router. This one has been having issues since the day I got it. It's defective and I don't want it, I want a new one. So i was told I would have to go to a cox store and switch them out, which means I'd have to take an entire day off of work, or I could PAY $20 to have a new one shipped to me and ship the old one back! I just don't understand, Cox. Every few months my bill goes up, and the quality of service and equipment goes down. I pay these ridiculous prices every month and I can't even get my money's worth. It's really sad. 

    I've been reading through these forums since midnight last night, and I've seen people from all over, all with the same equipment and service problems, and they're all getting the same sad excuses and empty promises,  and they're BEGGING you to just treat them right, show some appreciation, and to stop insulting their intelligence and GIVE THEM WHAT THEY PAY FOR. They're not asking for extras, or begging for a handout. They're a bunch of hard working Americans who just want the products and services they were promised! And what makes it worse is that nearly all the people complain about having the same internet and router problems!!!! So Cox obviously knows about these issues. Why can't you just fix these issues for your customers so we can all move on with our lives? I'm so disgusted with Cox. I just wasted my entire day off, my ONLY day off, searching for solutions to problems I've been having, that cox already knew about. And not only does Cox know about these issues, they know and don't do anything to fix them. 

  • So, basically, what you're telling me is that I have to deal with it and stop complaing, or spend MORE money and buy my own. Thanks. That's awesome. Maybe if I wouldn't have to pay so much every month for service that doesn't come close to what I was promised, and if I wouldn't have a new fee tacked on to the price every few months, i could affoard to buy my own equipment. But if I would have that much money, I could affoard to just move to an area that Cox doesn't have a monopoly on so I could have more options for service, because the ONLY reason I'm still with Cox is because it's my only option. 

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    I understand your frustration, however, that is correct to avoid the rental fee, you can return the modem and purchase your own. If you don't have the funds at this time that is also understandable.

  • TiffanyR and DeeJ1, my sincerest apologies. I was beyond frustrated and lashed out. I like my service with Cox, but when the problems I am having with the modem, the cable, and the rising prices and fees all pile on at once, it gets to be a bit too much to handle. I will take a day off next week and go to the Cox store to switch out the modem. Hopefully, that will help stop all the issues. And I may even enjoy the entire day, and go enjoy the beach. Seems like I need it.  

    Thank you for trying to help. And again, I am sorry. 

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    We understand your frustration. If you still have issues after the store visit feel free to reach back out to us. Have a great day and please enjoy the beach.

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    I do hope that you will report back with whether the switch out of the modem fixed the issue!

    Feeling the exact same frustration with Cox, that same modem, etc., here in New Orleans.

    Very much need to see feedback on whether there is hope to be had by changing modems, or if perhaps plan B, Direct TV services, should be put into action.

    Pls try to find a moment to fill us in.

  • I switched out the moden this morning. They replaced my Netgear moden with an Arris. So far, NO PROBLEMS! It seems I just needed a new modem. I'll give it a few more days, just to be sure and I will check back in to say for sure. My speeds have increased, the fake DoS attacks have stopped, and it hasn't dropped signal once so far. I love it. And I did go to the beach, and that also helped tremendously.   

    Thanks, Cox

  • This is great news.  Please let us know if you ever need assistance again in the future.  We are always here to help.