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multiple XR11-RF remotes with Contour 2 (Arris XG1V3 / CMX013) box.

Just got my first Contour 2 box from Cox and like it.  At the store, I asked if I can use more than 1 remote with the box; the guy said no, but was kind enough to give me a 2nd XR11-RF remote anyway, so I could try it. 

To my surprise, I was able to pair BOTH remotes to the box and fully control them via RF (I could use voice commands with both remotes so I know it was working RF; also, the lights on the remote are all green, further confirming RF). 

Sadly, that Arris box locked up within 5 hours of installing it. Got a replacement Arris box (XG1V3) from the store the next day, and this time no more lockups.   I paired the included new XR11-RF remote to the new box as normal (entering a 3 digit code into the remote, as provided by the Arris box on the TV screen). Works fine.  But then, the second XR11-RF remote no longer worked (not surprising since it was paired to the old (returned) box). I found a procedure online to reset the remote, essentially telling me to press/hold setup on remote, then enter code '987'. I did this. (Later I read that the code should have been 986).  

Interestingly, now the second remote works fine, as does the primary remote, both in RF mode, even though I have not paired the 2nd remote to the box!  

Everything works on the 2nd remote, including voice commands. Indicator light on remote blinks green, confirming RF.  

I'm about to do the 'correct' unpairing process (code 986) but before I do, 

1) should it be possible to have 2 XR11-RF remotes controlling one Contour 2 (Arris XG1V3) box via RF? (I know it's working for me, but am I just getting lucky here)? 

2) if I do go through the correct 'un-pair' process (code 986) will the remote then work in IR mode rather than RF mode?  

As a secondary question ... is there any way to get my OLD Cox remote (I believe it is a model URC7820) to work with the new box? I have a bunch of them around and it would be nice to make use of them. I realize it would be reduced functionality (no voice command) and be line-of-sight (IR not RF) but if the Contour 2 box supports IR, I'd like to try it. I presume I'll need to reprogram the remote in some way. 


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    Update - I decided to go through the process of unpairing / re-pairing the second remote, as indicated by documents on the cox site - first, press/hold setup button on remote, wait for green, enter 986. Then press/hold setup button on remote, wait for green, then press 'contour' button on remote. At that point, TV screen instructed me to enter a 3-digit code on remote, which I did.  Remote worked perfectly, as did the original remote - so now I have two fully paired XR11-RF remotes working. 

    What I don't understand is, when I did the 'unpair' step above (code 986), the remote was still working RF to the box - I was expecting it to be working in IR mode at this point. For various reasons, I want to try the remote in IR mode (I Have some IR blasters/repeaters that I'd like to use). 

    So does anyone know how to force the XR11-RF remote to work in IR mode to the cable box? 

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    I will start with the last question first. The old remotes will not work on the Contour 2 box. The signal that is sent out is RF. The information I have checked do not show anyway to change it to IR. It is possible to have more then 1 remote control the same cable box as well. We hope this helps in anyway.

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    OK, I was able to UN-pair my second XR11-RF remote from the cable box, using the following sequence: 

    a) press/hold setup on remote till green light blinks

    b) enter code 981 on remote

    After doing this, pressing 'Guide' or 'Contour' (or any other 'cable' function) on the remote yields a red light, not a green light on the remote, confirming that the remote is now working in IR mode, not RF mode. Cable box responds appropriately. 

    So this confirms that the Cable box does work in both RF and IR mode, concurrently (it's not either/or). Note - the confirmation light on the cable box continues to blink green regardless of whether I use my IR or my RF mode remotes; only the remote itself tells you whether it's working in RF or IR mode (green blink = RF, red blink = IR). 

    Why do I care? I need to help someone who has an entire house setup with expensive IR remotes and repeaters/extenders and they can't use the RF mode for various reasons (house too big, needs repeaters etc).