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MS Email and Windows 10


When I try and open my MS email program the screen begins to blink on and off and then resets my graphics card to basic display driver, lo-res and will not allow me to access email. 

There seems to be an incompatibility with Cox ad Windows 10. MS email.

I can access email via my connection on I can access email from other servers. It is only to combination of windows 10 and cox services that i get this bug. No error message. Just malfunction.

I have deleted and reinstalled the Mail program and the problem persists. 

Any advice? 

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    If the graphics card is resetting as described it may be time to reach out to the PC manufacturer for assistance. I'd suspect there's either a problem with the video driver or the hardware itself. They may be able to help you diagnose further what could be happening.

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    Might see if you are in area of cox where they are having service issue. I am in kansas and they are having service issue. Wes

  • If it were a hardware problem it would be affecting all the other functions of the computer. It is not. Just Cox mail and windows 10. 

    I've also been getting a barrage of worning messages from Cox as well as a phishing attempt. Seems something is amiss at COX

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    As ChrisL stated using a specific server is not going to affect the computers graphics. What program are you using?
  • Trying to use MS mail that came with Windows 10. all other programs work fine. When trying to open MS Mail the screen blinks and then defaults to lo-res display driver. 

    Have deleted and reinstalled 

    Have searched for updated drivers

    Have removed accounts and added them again

    Same problem

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    I can't think of anything in the account settings that would affect the video display modes. I suspect this is more of a problem with how the Mail application is interacting with the desktop.

  • thanks.

    was finally able to reinstall Mail and Calendar (without annoying blinking and lo-res default) but now having problems syncing email. 

    Continues to tell me "out of date" and when i enter passwords that I use to access from cox website i get nothing. 

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    Hi @philipconcerned,

    After reinstalling the Mail application, did you select POP/IMAP or Advanced when setting up the email account?

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    Everything worked fine with windows live mail but I had to reinstall windows and microsoft ( in their great wisdom ) does

    not allow windows live mail downloads.  I have tried numerous times to get windows mail to work both pop3 and imac.

    I can get the mail to work with an ipad mini 4 but prefer a larger screen on re-directs to browsers.  I have been working

    on this problem, off and on, for 6 months. It is extremely frustating.  Does anyone have a full set of settings that works with

    windows 10 pro mail??? 

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    I use Windows Live Mail and have the same problem.  A Cox representative told me WLV and Windows 10 are not compatible.  It's very frustrating but she had no "fix" for it other than to use another email service.