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Motorola Arris SB 6190 Firmware Update?

Hello.  I am between buying the Motorola Arris SB 6183 and the SB 6190 modems.  I have read that there is a firmware update that is either a make or break for the SB 6190.  Has this firmware been pushed out to the users or is it still being tested?  Thank you.


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    First I've heard of a make or break firmware update for the SB6190 - and I know many people are using this modem currently.

  • Hi Smuggsauce,

    Both the Motorola Arris SB6183 and the SB6190 modems are on the list of Cox Approved Cable Modems, found HERE. We have many customers using both models.

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    The 6190 was having latency issues in certain games where packets are crucial.  I had read that a firmware update was in the works, but had not yet been pushed.  Is this correct and if so, is there an ETA on this firmware update?

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    The update for the 6190 has already been deployed on our network. Any modem that doesn't have it will automatically be updated during our nightly maintenance cycle.