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Mortorola Tuning Adapter Won't Connect to SDV Channels

Three weeks ago I began the process of installing a TiVo Bolt DVR to our HDTV. We've been Cox customers for 33 years and have used TiVo DVRs since 2007. I had picked up a NEW Arris (they bought Motorola's Home cable Division) cable card, tuning adapter, splitter and POE filter from the local Cox Solutions Store. The cable card pairing was easy, but the TiVo Bolt said the tuning adapter needed a firmware upgrade. I called the Cox activation number and was told that it might take 30-60 minutes before the TA connects to the system. Well, it took about 36 hours! Finally the amber light stopped blinking and the Bolt had a channel lineup linked to the TA. Suddenly, three days later the switched digital channels (1100 and above) stopped working. For some unknown reason the TA was no longer locked onto the signal. Since then I've spent hours and hours on the phone with Cox technical support and TiVo support trying to find a solution. Over the last ten days three different Cox technicians have come to our home and done everything they could to fix this including trying a half dozen "refurbished" tuning adapters, none of which worked. Since the only TA that worked was a brand new unit I've attempted to find another one at every Cox Solutions Store in RI, without success, including the South County store where I picked up the first one! Three stores didn't even have the courtesy to return my call! HAS ANYONE SUCCESSFULLY INSTALLED A TIVO BOLT TO THE COX DIGITAL CABLE? I hope the forum moderator sees this post.

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    I'm not an expert but I have a Tivo Bolt, a motorola cable card and TA.

    Make sure you are using the top USB port on the Tivo Bolt.

    Also the TA needs to be able to be able to communicate back to Cox over the cable.  Make sure you don't have any one-way amp's inline or too many splitters.  Are you using MOCA?  Do you have the proper MOCA filters installed for the TA?

  • Thanks so much for replying to my post. The Cox technicians who came here removed every splitter leading to the tuning adapter and tested the signal strength. It's within spec. They even replaced our 33 yr old line from the pole to the house.

    We've had TiVos since 2007 so I did a self-install with the Bolt. I picked up a new Arris cable card, the connection kit and an Arris boxed Motorola MTR700 tuning adapter at the Cox store. I insisted on a new tuning adapter because in our experience that's the weak link of the Cox setup. All of the TAs the technicians brought with them were "refurbished" and produced different error messages! It's almost impossible to find a "never been used" tuning adapter now because so many people are "cutting the cord" and switching to streaming and Cox probably isn't ordering new inventory.

    I installed it exactly as shown on their TA Self-install Instructions which puts the MoCA filter on one of the OUT ports of the splitter whereas the TiVo website says to place the POE filter on the line after it enters the building. The tuning adapters just won't lock onto the Cox channel lineup.

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    If you temporarily move your cable modem to the TA cable connection, does the cable modem/internet still work?

    Do you also have a Cox cablebox?  Does it get the SDV channels?  If so, does it get them using the TA connection?

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    are you using MOCA?  if not remove the MOCA filter and see if that works

  • Hi BiscuitCityBoy,

    I'm sorry that you're having so many difficulties with the Tuning Adapter. Your initial post mentioned that the Switched Digital Video (SDV) channels stopped working. Is this still the case? (Some channels working; SDV channels not working.) I just want to make sure I'm up to speed. What color is the light on the Tuning Adapter? Is it blinking or solid? Please provide a few channel number examples of channels that are not working for you. Do you get an error message or error number on these channels?

  • Hello Becky,

    Thanks so much for responding to my posts.

    Yes, the problem continues. Our monthly services include Cox Advanced TV + Sports & Info Pak + Bonus Pak + three premium channels HBO, Showtime and Starz, but because the tuning adapter doesn't lock onto the Cox channel lineup we cannot access any channel in the Sports & Info Pak or Bonus Pak. For some unknown reason, we have had access to Channels 1200 - HBO, 1240 - Showtime and 1280 - Starz but cannot view their associated channels e.g. 1201, 1202, 1241, 1242, 1279, 1281, etc. The last technician who was here said that 1200, 1240 and 1280 were not SDV channels but whenever we've had issues with our premium channels in the past we weren't able to view any premium channel.

    All of the Cox technicians who have come to our home have done everything they could think of to fix the problem, but since Cox has this on the website,

    TiVo BOLTâ„¢- The Unified Entertainment System

    "With Cox TV + TiVo BOLT, you get the entertainment you want and can combine cable TV channels, on-demand content and streaming apps."

    someone must have successfully set up a TiVo Bolt!

    I visited two of the six Cox stores in RI last week trying to find a new Arris/Motorola MTR700 tuning adapter but all they had were refurbished TAs. I then called the four other stores in RI but my voicemail messages went unanswered.

    Anything you might be able to do for us will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

    I visited two of the six Cox stores in RI last week trying to find a new Arris/Motorola MTR700 tuning adapter but all they had were refurbished TAs. I then called the four other stores in RI but my voicemail messages went unanswered.

  • The Cox technician who was here last week used our modem to check the TA cable connection - at the IN connection to the splitter - and it booted up fine. I just tested it again with the same results. The TiVo Bolt is a DVR and set-top box all-in-one so we don't need a Cox cable box anymore. The Bolt should get the SDV channels thru the USB cord which comes from the TA but that's what isn't happening.

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    I had a similar problem recently.  How is the TA attached to the Tivo?  Not the USB, but the coax cable?  Is there a splitter with one coax cable going to the TA and one to the Tivo?  If so, try this, take the cable going from the Tivo to the splitter and disconnect it from the splitter and connect it to the out port of the TA, so now you have the cable going into the TA, then a cable going out from the TA and into the Tivo.  This is how my Tivos have always connected but Cox's current instructions have it set up with a splitter which doesn't work for me.  Also, I don't have any MOCA filters.

  • Hi BiscuitCityBoy,

    What software version is your TiVo Bolt running? What error message do you get when you tune to channel 1201, 1202, or 1281?

  • The amber light blinks constantly, in a rhythmic pattern. The firmware for the Bolt was updated as soon as it had an internet connection. The current software version is: 20.6.3.RC15-USC-11-849

    When entering Live TV or tuning to another channel this error code comes up: V53 - "Problem with the signal on this channel. Trying again."

    Troubleshooting Steps

    Normally, this error indicates that there is a problem with the video signal from your cable provider, and you should contact your cable provider for assistance. However, if your box was working correctly before, then suddenly displays this error, try the two steps below before calling your cable provider:

    1. Reboot the TiVo device by unplugging the power cord for 15 seconds, then plugging it back in.
    2. If rebooting doesn't remove the error, make sure all cables are securely connected at both ends, particularly the coaxial cable that provides your cable TV signal.
    3. If the error remains, contact your cable provider for assistance with your signal.

    The Cox technicians checked/tested the signal strength and found it to be within the recommended parameters.