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More incompetence soon to come

Over a month ago, I created a thread in late October that stated all the issues I have had with COX Cable. You can find that thread here:

Now, I am having similar issues again. Intermittent connectivity loss, especially when streaming. Today was the first day it actually just cut out completely, to where I had to spend 1 hour & 18 minutes on the phone with Tier 1, then Tier 2 support. They had to "re-provision" my modem, and Tier 1 setup a Technician to come out, in which he probably won't find or fix the actual problem.

In my last thread, I was going back n' forth with COX via email. They promised a credit to my account, which I never received. Even better, I was overcharged by $100 on my last bill. My bill was not supposed to be more than $189, but it ended up being $289.

Also, the last time 3 different technicians and 1 maintenance technician came out to find competing issues or non issues, a $10 complete care was added to my account. This was supposed to be removed after the last tech (maintenance) was "finished" (even though he found nothing to fix), but it still kept on my account. So I am being charged an extra $20 ($10 x 2 months) for complete care, which was supposed to be taken off.

At this point, I feel like you (COX) are deliberately trolling me. What did I do to deserve such terrible customer service, and also over charge me?

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  • Hi James, thank you for reaching out to us. Cox Support Forums are for customers to discuss technical topics related to Cox services with other customers. For the billing and account issues that you are experiencing. please feel free to contact us through Twitter at @coxhelp, visit us on Facebook, or at Please let us know the outcome of the tech visit already scheduled and if you need any additional assistance.