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More about sending email on iPhone 5....

I've seen posts about an issue with iPhones and iPads that prevent emails from being sent.  When I received a message that one of my messages was "undeliverable", I thought my account was hacked since I had never sent such an email.  So...I changed my password.

After doing that, I was unable to send a message from ANY of my email accounts on my iPhone or iPad.  After reading forums the past several days and speaking with customer service, I've tried the following:

-Deleting and setting up an email account from scratch.

-Changing SMTP servers (currently on

-SMTP didn't work either

-Changing (or attempting to change) ports.  I've used 9xx (when setting up automatically), 587, 465 and 25.

-Turning off password authentication

-Turning on/off SSL

- Every combination of the above.

Still, nothing works.  Messages are that the server rejected my username OR verification timed out when trying to change ports.  I even tried going back to my previous password.  

This is frustrating.  Why would it happen because I changed my password, aside from the fact that my modem has been on drugs the past couple of weeks?  I think they MIGHT have fixed that though.  

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    @iPhone 5 stopped sending email

    I checked your email history and I'm seeing nothing but bad SMTP auth login attempts for the past several days. I'd suggest changing your email password making sure to select a new password that you haven't use for any other service then setting your new password on your devices to see if that helps.