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modem upgrade scam

I have seen a few posts about the new "Free modem upgrade" and since for some reason I cannot reply to any, I made my own. So, my two cents and soap box. Got an email from Cox today, to go with thier letters about upgrading my 5+ year old modem. (email below) Over joyed by the FREE I logged in to see what I would get, thinking it would be the newest, worst modem they had. After doing a bit of digging, not that much cause it tells you at check out IT IS NOT FREE. It is only free the first month then they charge the full price, no option to pay monthly, $179!!!!!!! Not in the letter nor in the email was there a stipulation that I would only get the modem for one month before being punched in the face and robbed. It's bad enogh that Cox keeps jacking up my internet bill. To me this is a total scam or in the least bait and switch. Cox needs to stop these mailers and either list them with the stipulation or just stop altogether. They can claim they will not be able to support my modem and claim I may loose connectin, but if I don't get internet then I don't pay, I'm paying for a service, if they cannot supply that service then tha tis thier problem and they need to fix it, not scare/scam money out of people. ACT NOW TO AVOID SERVICE INTERRUPTION As a Cox customer, we want you to get the most from your Cox High Speed InternetSM service. We've checked our records and unfortunately, your Cox-provided modem is outdated and should be replaced immediately to avoid an interruption in your Internet service. To avoid this, we're offering you an upgraded replacement modem at NO COST to you! This modem enables maximum speed offered by your Cox High Speed Internet tier with upgraded DOCSIS® technology. How do you get this new upgraded modem? Click the button below or visit to order online now. It’s fast and easy! Order Now Within a few days, your modem will ship to you with instructions for easy setup and directions on how to return your old modem. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but we want to help you do all that you love online with the speed and reliability you expect. Thanks for being a loyal Cox customer, and we look forward to providing you with your new modem soon. CALL 877-504-5313 | VISIT COX.COM/UPGRADEMYMODEM

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    Please email your full address, primary name on the account and a screenshot of the email you received to so we can look into this.