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Modem Update

I want to upgrade to an AC wireless modem, but, it seems none of them come with VOIP. Is there a network attachment to add the phone service? Arris sells one, but they say it may not work with all carriers. Arris TM602 Telephony Modem [Bulk Packaging] - Docsis Networks Input please? Mike

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    Cox doesn't have VOIP.  Cox has Digital Telephone Service.

    Whatever equipment you need for Digital Telephone Service, your provider has to issue it to you free.  FCC mandates no rental fees for require telephone equipment.

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    cox rents the phone modem you need to check what your area has.  you might be better off with a separate phone modem and router not a combined unit

  • miketodd,

    Telephony equipment used on the Cox network must be equipment owned by Cox. We have telephony gateways capable of the AC wireless standard. I know there's a difference in the rental price between single band and dual band equipment though. If you'd like to swap out the equipment yourself we can see if your account is eligible for shipping the device to you.

    Email us at with your account information and a reference to this forum thread.