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modem replacement

I plan to replace my cable modem.  What do I need to provide to Cox?   I have already verified that the modem model is on the support list.

Old Modem: Motorola SBS5120

New Modem: Arris/Motorola SB6121

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    Usually they will need at least the MAC address (different manufacturers say it differently so it might be MAC Id or HFC/Cable MAC), they will also need the serial number.  I usually look at the S/N not the circled Customer S/N one - because the customer one is not reported by the modem on the CMTS side, just the rather long one that isn't circled.  Please note: picture isn't mine.  If you can't read the label there are two tricks: gives you the proper serial number and HFC MAC Address; or take a picture of the label with your smartphone and blow up (zoom in) the picture to make it easier to read.

    Label showing SN & Mac IDs

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    Hi DougSchuess, What grymwulf says is correct to register a new modem we would need the model of the modem the CM/HFC Mac address and the customer serial number to register it with the service and activate it.