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modem recommendation, and a related set-up/wifi question

I am looking to replace my Cisco DPC3825 gateway with a standalone unit. I have the preferred tier and am looking at the arris sb6183 and the netgear cm500. Can anyone recommend which one they've had good luck with? I'm also thinking of getting a wifi mesh network (eero) and was wondering about the setup. if I set it up with my current wifi network credentials (ssid, password), will my current devices connect to it automatically? or will I have to reconfigure each device again? anyone have experience with this? Also, with the mesh wifi, if/when I lose internet will the whole network/devices go down? The current Cisco is a modem/router combo and every time I lose internet connectivity, my wifi security cams all drop "offline". wil having a separate wifi network from the modem keep the cameras on/viewable? Thanks for any tips. I'm just trying to do some research before replacing equipment and tackling a setup process.

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  • Hello rhsortho, We cannot recommend a particular modem or set up to use but below is a link of all the approved compatible modems for use on our network. We hope this helps and we hope you find the setup that meets all your needs.
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    FWIW I was recently offered a free replacement modem from Cox. I was running an old SB5101U modem which I have had for seven (7) years. I was sent a SB6183 as a replacement. You might see if your eligible for a free upgrade at this site.

    I can't speak using a mesh WiFi system. I currently run an ASUS RT-N66R which I am perfectly happy with. I would expect though that if you use the same SSID and WPA2 key/password/pass phrase it will connect with the existing devices.

    Good luck...

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    thanks for the replies! yes, I selected those 2 from the "approved list" but was just looking for some user experiences with them. glad to hear someone has it in use:) would be great if I qualified for a free one, but I'll have to purchase one so looks like the sb6183 it is. as for the Wi-Fi setup, I too thought if I used my old ssid/password etc all the old devices would re-connect by themselves but am not totally sure. my security cameras are mounted and would be a pain if I had to pull them down just to connect Ethernet to reconfigure each one. thanks again for the info. guess I will just take the plunge and see what happens.
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    If you haven't yet made a purchase decision, you might want to verify whether or not there are any Dual Band 802.11AC WiFi devices in the residence. Typically they'll be of a more recent vintage and offer significant boosts in speed.