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modem firmware upgrades

I was having problems yesterday connecting to internet service.  My modem kept restarting and the log said I the registration RSP was being rejected - along with a few other messages that I can't decipher.  I set up an visit by a service tech.  Today all is fine and service rep came  and checked things out.  He stated that I should update software in modem.  The product site for modem says no update available.  Latest firmware build for modem is  Jul 22 2016 08:13:57.  Site also says that modem is updated by ISP provider (COX) due to testing with their systems.  Tech said I should go to product vendor site to upgrade.  Modem is Arris SB6141.  Who is right and where do I get upgrades to modem software?

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  • MBoozer,

    Modem and gateway firmware is managed by your ISP. Do you have a router connected to your modem to share the connection amongst your devices and/or provide a wireless connection? If so, perhaps the tech was referring to the router firmware.

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    No.  He specifically talked about the modem.  He not only saw my equipment - we discussed that I had a separate router and modem.  He also looked at the homepage/ status page of the modem.  I still believe the problem - temporary that is was- was a problem with the COX router or signal,  but COX either can't find and report the problem quickly or just won't admit such problems.  I understand the problems with finding and reporting such problems which can be intermittent or small on a large network.  I've done electrical (and digital) troubleshooting in the past and know how hard it can be. 

    Everything works for now, I was just wondering how I would update my modem.  If it is my ISP (COX in this case) - where would I find it or would it update automatically (which I'm not fully comfortable with).

    Sorry for delayed response, but since things are working, I forgot about this question.

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    You currently have the latest When normally updated firmware during our regularly scheduled maintenance once it's been approved.