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Modem and Router question??

I have Preferred Internet. My Modem is a Netgear CMD31T 4x4. I really don't do much on the internet but i do Skype 3 to 4 times a week. Especially the weekends. I had a Netgear Router but it quit working so i went to Best Buy and got a Linksys AC1200+ cause i trusted the clerk in what he was saying. I probably didn't need something so fancy. I would've have bought a router but i like to have wireless for my tablet to play my game on and a quick check online about things. I'm thinking of returning the router and getting a less expensive router or get one that is a combo. I do like Netgear. I never had any problems until my router died which it was about 7 yrs old. So can anyone help me in figuring out what is the best thing to do??

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    I generally recommend the TP-Link Archer C7 as an affordable, yet capable router, and it's actually faster than the AC1200 Netgear for close to the same price.  You definitely want a dual band wifi router, they tend to have better hardware, beam forming, and overall better reliability.  The Archer C50 is the TP-Link equivalent to your Netgear and is usually in the $50 range.

    Your modem is more than capable of preferred speeds, so no need to upgrade at this point.

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    I tried to research the Exchange Policy for Best Buy, but I received a page error.  Perhaps due to my AdBlock or Tracker Block add-ons.  I wanted to research if price could warrant an exchange.  If you do exchange the router, I would avoid saying it's too pricey but rather its WiFi range to your tablet is weak.  Remember, the range was excellent for your previous router.  The range of WiFi for the AC1200+ seems to be a common compliant on Amazon.

    I didn't see the ARCHER C7 on the Best Buy page; however, the C50 is listed for $70 and C5 for $78.  It seems the C5 ($78) is rated for 1 Gigabit throughput while the C50 ($70) tops out at 100 Mbps.

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    The Archer C50 sells for about $49 at both Amazon and Newegg, Best Buy will match either.  The C7 is $86 at either.  Best Buy's basic return policy is 15 days, longer if you are a member of one of their "rewards clubs".  I don't think I've bought anything at Best Buy without a price match .... sometimes with their own website which is often much cheaper than in store.