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MOCA LAN bridge

I've seen some conflicting information in these forums about whether or not this is possible with Cox Broadband. I have additional COAX receptacles upstairs in my split-level condo, but my modem and primary router are located downstairs. I would like to add an ethernet receptacle upstairs without purchasing another modem, and from what I've learned a MOCA LAN bridge seems to be the way to go. Does anyone know for sure if this will work or not, or if Cox has some sort of policy on this? 

Here is an example of a product that would fit the bill:


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    Sure, it would work. Be aware that you will need two of the devices. Do you have a spare coax outlet downstairs or were you thinking about using a splitter and running it back through the cable that feeds your modem and then on upstairs?

    Is there no way to fish a 50 foot Ethernet cable from the router up to wherever you need internet?