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MLB Extra Innings Package

I've asked this question before, even getting a customer service representative on the line, but never received an acceptable answer. I pay for the HD service each month & have no problems with the service, with the exception of the MLB Extra Inning package that I subscribe to. For what ever reason, I can only receive the SD version. When I access on via the internet on a computer I receive the HD feed. I can't seem to get an answer. Any ideas? Thanks, Jack

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    The HD channels for MLB Extra Innings use the MPEG-4 format, and your cable box can't process this format.  You'll have to give Cox more $$$ to watch in HD.  Enjoy!

  • In order to receive the higher HD channels where the HD MLB package channels are located, you must have a Contour box (either the Contour 1 or Contour 2 platform). The current platform that you are running (Rovi) does not have the technical capabilities to receive these higher channels.

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