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Mlb extra innings and

I purchase mlb extra innings.  The season starts today. When with the authentication process with mlb be complete so that I can log onto  Thank you. 


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    @ belle

    We can take a look to make sure it's been added to the account. Please email full address and primary name on the account to

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    I am having the same problem.  

    When I go to set up MLB.TV, I select Cox as my provider and enter my logon information (the same login information that I had to use to get to this message board).

    It tells me:

    Authorization service was not able to complete authorization at this time.  Please contact your pay TV provider.

    I called Cox, and verified that MLB Extra innings is on my account.  I was then transferred to multiple help desks, where I was finally told that MLB.TV did not come with my MLB Extra Innings package.

    Can I get some help here?

    Kevin Banes 

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    I already know its been added to my account.  Cox needs to do something to authorize the purchaser with MLB.   Error message when trying to log on to MLB.TV is ...

    Authorization service was not able to complete authorization at this time. Please contact your pay TV provider.
    In past years it has taken a few days after season starts .... I was hoping this year would be different.
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    I'm having this exact problem as well, and I had issues with this last year too. I shouldn't have to call or email just to get access to services I paid for. This is the kind of stuff that makes me question why I even pay for cable. Unacceptable.

  • Hey kbanes,

    I see we are chatting via Email. Lets continue there.

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    I contact customer service and subscription hadn't been renewed as  I expected.  I am all set now.  Thank you to Tiff for getting me all set for opening day!

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    When can I purchase MLB package for my TV at home and how much is it this year?

  • Hey jgg9670,

    You should be able to order is now. Here is the pricing. 

    Regular Season

    02/01/17 - 07/09/17


    Three installments of $41.25 and one installment of $41.24

    Half Season

    07/10/17 - 09/03/17


    Three installments of $30.00 and one installment of $29.99

  • Hi Belle, I'm glad to hear that Tiffany was able to help.

    L82much, problems logging into at the beginning of the season may indicate that the MLB Extra Innings package didn't auto-renew. Please email us at so we can make sure your MLB subscription is active. Please include your full name, address, and a link to this thread in your email.

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    These customer service people don't understand the whole thing.  My advice; log in to your cox account on their site before you go to the activation page.  Mine worked after I did that.