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MLB Extra Innings and HD

I have what Cox terms their "Cox Advanced TV Premier" package and have just ordered the MLB Extra Innings package.  Can I assume that I will now get all of the Extra Innings channels in HD as opposed to the HD/SD controversy of the last couple of years?  I do not have Contour and nor do I intend to get it.

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    you will ned to check Omaha just added the last four Extra Innings HD this month 

  • Hi Dennisdsster,

    It depends on your equipment. Most of the HD channels in our subscription sports packages use MPEG-4 formatting and require receivers that support MPEG4 video and can tune above 860MHz-1GHz in addition to the lower frequencies. Scientific Atlanta Explorer HD DVRs are not capable of tuning above 860MHz and are only capable of decoding MPEG-2.

  • Thanks for your help, Becky;  I was initially told by a Cox rep that I would have channels 1671-1684 in HD (on my Scientific American receiver),  but have since found that is not the case, I only get 1671-1679 in HD, and the remaining 5 channels are in SD only.  I have cancelled my package and am mulling over what to do.

    Is it true that the Extra Innings package INCLUDES Premium?  That might be one workaround.  The other might be a different receiver?  Can I get a receiver capable of getting all of the broadcasts in HD without any additional fees?

  • Hi Dennisdsster,

    I apologize that our rep provided incorrect information! I know that only causes unnecessary frustration. The MLB Extra Innings package does include a subscription to MLB.TV, providing you with the ability to watch live games on mobile and connected devices. (MLB blackout restrictions still apply.) Learn more at

    You do have the option of swapping your Scientific American DVRs for Contour DVRs that support all of the MLB Extra Innings HD channels. This change shouldn't impact your rate unless you have a current discount or promotional rate. (Equipment upgrades may sometimes void bundle or promo pricing.) My team can check on this for you if you email us at Alternatively, you can call 877-832-0954 and speak to a Sales representative. Sales reps are available 8am- 8pm Monday through Friday, and 9am-6pm on Saturday.