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Mixing Contour and non-Contour equipment?

Have two stand-alone HD-DVR's (Motorola 3416/3400).  One was giving me multiple issues, so went to Cox Store to get it replaced.  Asked if I could get a 2 tuner Contour box.  Associate asked if I had any other DVR's, and then told me I would have to replace both boxes if I wanted to upgrade to Contour.

I asked several times why this was so, and just got the same answer that I couldn't have both an old-style box and a new Contour box.  I finally gave up and asked if they could just replace the defective ones with the same type, and I was given another 3416 (which is OK by me).

Anyone know WHY you can't have one Contour DVR and one non-Countour DVR?  I understand they won't network or whatever to give you whole home DVR, etc., but that didn't seem to be what the employee meant.  Or is it just a Cox rule to drive everything to Contour?

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  • CarrollB,

    The platforms are incompatible and should not be activated at the same time on any account.

  • Great.  That's the same sort of non-answer I got at the store.  Does upgrading to Contour change the signal coming into my house somehow?  If I can self-install, that doesn't seem to be the case.  Anyone?

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    It doesn't change the signal coming in but it changes the platform used to access the broadcast. The platform in this context is the software used. Contour 1 uses one software to access the video feed and the New Contour uses a different one. The two softwares are not compatible. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.