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missing spellcheck

Now that we've all been pretty much cast onto the "new and improved" email format ( and cannot go back to the old preferred format I find we are left hanging in certain areas one being the apparent lack of a spellchecker. Now, let me preface this by saying that if there IS a spellchecker I have yet to find it. I contacted tech support on at least 3 separate occasions and have bee  run around in circles. Either I am completely missing the obvious or the tech support folks are not keeping up with the program. On 2 instances I was provided info regarding the "old" email formats either classic or enhanced but these are no longer available so that information was totally useless plus I already knew what they told me regarding the spellcheck option in either of these 2 formats. So, is there actually a spellchecker hidden in this "new improved" email format and if so where the @$#* is it!? I also find that when I am using my Samsung tablet I cannot copy and paste information into either a new email or when replying to an existing email. Again, am I dense and missing something because I have yet to find a way to copy and paste ANYTHING into a new/existing email.   Oh, and while I'm at it, when I tried to use the spellcheck (at least that's what it SAYS it is) above (with the blue check mark with ABC over top) I get an ERROR RESPONSE with this <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head lang="en"> <meta http-! Come ON Cox, what the effing *** gives!! Does ANYTHING actually work??!!

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  • Hi GZ, in the new email when you misspell a word you should see the red underline that indicates an error. If you place your cursor over the word and right-click you will see a box with the suggested words, and the option to add to dictionary. Please check the settings in your preferred browser to make sure the spell check option is turned on. For the copy/paste issue, are you experiencing the same issue on any other device?