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missing channels

I have a cable card tuner with tuning adapter that worked perfectly until all digital change over (San Diego, Ca) Info' from tuner status.

1028 ES2HD

Freq  567.000

Authorized  Subscribed

CCI Protection   Protected-CopyOnce

Checking with my card manufacturer "All cable card tuner need Copy Freely to function" A lot of my subscribed channels have same protection.  Is there any solution, now or in the future.  Would really to receive those channels

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  • RKR,

    Thanks for your post to the Cox Forums page. I just responded to your email and look forward to hearing back from you. If you prefer, we can troubleshoot this matter here in forums or continue via email.

    In case you decide you'd rather work together here, I've included the additional information I'll need below.

    Are you able to watch content on 1028 ES2HD using the tuner?
    If not, what about channel 28 in standard definition?
    Are you viewing content directly on the PC where the Hauppauge DCP-2650 is connected?
    Does your DCP-2650 list the actual CCI flag (example: 0x00, 0x01, etc) or only the description of the flag?
    Are any other channels affected? ( I left this one off of the email -- Sorry!)