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Missing Channels

I live in the 92021 zip code and subscribe to Cox TV starter with the Advanced TV service Add on.

Before the full digital cut over could get both Ch 67 and Ch 96. when I picked up the Mini box I could get ch 67 and asking both thru Chat and E Mail I was told they were not in my service. I have been getting and recording ch 96 on my Contour recorder & receiver up until a couple of days ago when that service was cut off YET they are listed in the Channels I can get in my service.

The Talking Heads in Chat and and in E mail answers insist that 67 and 96 are not included with my Services.

How do I get an answer form someone that KNOWS what they are talking about

Very unhappy in El Cajon and I will not get into the LOUSY Internet service that is going down the toilet in my area

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  • Hello,

    I'm happy to review your account and services. Please email your full name, address, last 4 of the SSN, the link to this thread, and the error message you're receiving to

    Thank you,