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Missed Recordings

I would like to know why my Contour box is not recording some shows.  Yesterday, it missed taping Rachel Ray and Timeless.  Last week it was The Price Is Right on Thursday.  I haven't had any trouble until now.

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    Hi kak159,

    Are you getting any recording error codes when you access your DVR menu? Do you notice if it's just happening with certain channels?

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    My Contour 1 box does this all the time.  I would guess that 1 out of 30 shows ends up in a Missed Recording. Most of them say that the program was not found in the Guide. Some say "this program was not recorded because it conflicted with a high-priority recording" which makes no sense at all.  I don't have any high priority recordings.

    I also get a lot of recordings that seem to be there; but when i hit play the screen is black.  I get a message saying that the program is having trouble playing and i should try again later. Trying later doesn't work.  Have you ever had that happen? I have started recording Timeless on the HD channel and also on the regular (SD) channel.  That way i am sure that one of them will be recorded.