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Missed Recordings not showing missed programs

I've already read other threads in the TV Forum complaining about this same problem.  I have a new Contour 1 DVR (98% free space) which has been reset and rebooted several times over last week.

I have 3 series recordings (all same options)

priority 1, Madam Secretary.  priority 2, Good Witch, priority 3 Chicago Justice.

All programs schedules are for Sunday night at 9 pm, so obviously Contour can only record two programs which it did last night -- Madam Secretary and Good Witch.

However, today Chicago Justice does NOT appear in the Missed Recordings list.  The other threads seem to indicate this has been a problem for last several years.  So why isn't it fixed?  Or how do I find out what  version of Contour software I have?  

Seems like I have to keep track of program conflicts (see my other suggestion) and missed recordings all by myself, and just monitor and confirm everything every day.


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  • Hello,

    There are two versions of our DVRs with the Contour service. We have a 2 tuner and a 6 tuner. You will need to be subscribed to our 6 tuner DVR service in order to record more than 2 programs at the same time.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

  • You should consider upgrading to Contour that has the ability to record six shows at the same time.

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    Hello bobC927,

    Thank you for your response, that is correct.

  • My wife has another older DVR (with ROVI software) with many recorded shows on it that she has not watched.  And Cox provides no method for transferring contents of that DVR to a newer Contour 2 or Contour 6 box.  Correct?

    Thus I have a Contour 1 (non-networked DVR).  My complaint is that regardless of whether you have 2 or 6, Contour should show missed recordings.  That's what the menu items says.  That appears to be a software bug and should be reported and fixed.

    P.S. How long would smartphone companies survive and compete if you couldn't transfer your contacts and pictures to a new phone?  

  • Hi John2222,

    Broadcast rights govern copyrighted content and prevent the transfer of recorded content from one device to another. With the explosion of mobile devices and TVE (TV Everywhere), the TV industry is finally starting to move away from its outdated business model. I'm hopeful that we will be able to transfer content from one DVR to another in the future.

  • Thanks Becky.  Now back to my original question/problem:  Missed Recordings in the DVR List do not show missed recordings (usually caused by a tv show changing times in a series manager program).  See my original post in this thread for more detailed explanation.  ??

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    John2222 , I do not see any ongoing issues with the contour 1 system at this time. It sounds like it could be an issue within that box itself. You can trade this box out for a new one at one of our Cox solution stores or we can have a technician come out and trade it out for you at no cost to you. Thank you.


  • Update:  I checked My DVR "Missed Recordings" this morning to see if the Sunday evening conflict (9pm) which I reported in the beginning of this thread, was listed.  It was NOT.  Chicago Justice wasn't listed as Missed Recording.  About an hour ago (around 2pm) I checked again and this time it WAS listed as a Missed Recording.

    Why would it take 15 hours to show Chicago Justice as a "Missed Recording"?  Does Contour software maybe only check or scan once a day at noon for any missed recordings?

    Of course it would also be better to show PENDING show conflicts BEFORE the fact, not later, so customers can modify settings perhaps.  See my suggestion in separate thread: 

  • @John2222,

    The box will advise you of conflicts when scheduling new programs. It will not continually remind you once you schedule a series. It will allow you to choose the priority of the future recordings to make sure that you can record the one that you want even when there is a conflict. It will not let you record more than two, but it does give you some options via priority.


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.