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Missed recording ONLY Days of Our Lives

I live in Surprise, AZ and have not had a problem until this week. I have my recorder set to record the soap opera every weekday; it's the only thing recorded at that time; it's been rebooted twice; I deleted the request and re-entered it; and my recorder (Contour) is only 20% full at max. I have recorded the Ellen Show for a few minutes and that comes on right after Days so what is happening? I have spoken to 3! different people at Cox and the last one was difficult to understand and did nothing.

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    What model receiver do you have? Is the title showing in your Fost&Found or Missed Recordings list?

  • I have Contour Preferred Record 6 Receiver. No, there is nothing in my Missed Recordings list. Days shows up in the Recorded list but when I select it and press to play, I get a black screen and an error message which apparently means "too bad."

    I recorded something today during that period of time 2-3PM and it recorded just fine. Is there something going on with the soap?

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    Are you accessing the recordings from a host receiver or a client? Do you have Contour or the New Contour?

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    @phone forum too,  i am glad that you posted this.  I have this happen to one out of every 15 recordings.  It looks like the recording worked.  I can press Select and it looks good.  But the screen is black.  I wait 30 seconds and get the "not able to play now; please try again later"  but it never works later either.  I have started recording my favorite shows twice.  Once on the HD channel and once on the regular (SD) channel.  One of them always works.   There is no pattern to which shows are "black". 

    I occasionally get Missed Recordings but most of them say "Program not found in the Guide".   I have Contour 1.