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Minibox Connection

I have set up 4 TVs with Miniboxes.  Three went fine, but the fourth is a problem.  I swapped out other miniboxes that worked with the one that did not.  All the boxes are good.  The TV that does not work is about a year old.  I get an error message that states that there is a connection interruption and to tighten any connections.  Did that with out success.  Changed out the cable (coax) which did not help.  My thought is that I may have too long of a cable run.  After  briefly investigating possible solutions I found that there are devises on the market called "Coax - HDMI Signal Extender Boosters".  They are priced from $8.50 to $150.00 (which sounds screwy to me).  Does anyone have any insight or suggestions?  

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    You fail to tell us how long an hdmi run you need. Above 10' or so, I would use an active cable, like this from monoprice. Does the minibox work with that tv with a short cable? From your post, I'm not even sure if your problem with th cable feed or hdmi from the box to set.

  • The current run is about 75' and the other 3 are about 60'.  The TV was set up on a shorter cable in a different part of the house, but did not receive all channels.  I may try setting it up with a much shorter cable and see what happens.  Thx!