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Minibox as audio level control

I have a new SUPERSONIC TV that cannot respond to Cox MiniBox remote control, so I would like the minibox to control the audio level. When I press the MiniBox Remote  MENU button and drill down to the Audio Variable selection, nothing happens after I press SELECT to select the VARIABLE option. I have three MiniBoxes with three different TV's and none of them will do this. Is this a non-viable function or am I doing something wrong?


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    Let's get the remote for your Mini Box to control your TV.  What codes have you used?

  • Hi MikeyChris,

    Go to and click on the icon for the remote that came with your mini box (URC2220 or URC3220). A page will load with a larger picture of the remote. Under the picture, click on the Code Finder link, and then click on "Add new TV." The site will suggest the best programming code after you enter the brand name and model of your TV. Follow the steps in the lower part of the page to program the mini box remote with the appropriate code. After following these steps, is the mini box remote able to control the volume on your TV?

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    Thanx for the replies. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Cox Tech Support a week or so back. After trying 10 different codes, she told me the TV was not supported by the MiniBox Remote. FWIW, I read an online review of the TV and one reviewer mentioned that Comcast did not support this TV either. The TV is made in China (big surprise, huh?). Here is the pertinent data:


    Model: SC-1512

    I am using Cox HD-uDTA-C MiniBoxes with URC-2220-R remotes. I am using the HDMI output of the MiniBox to feed the TV. The MiniBox software is version 1.19.6 The codes we have already tried are:

    0748,  0865, 1753, 1944, 2104, 3154, 3204, 3593, 3595 and 3894.

    So, if the remote can't control the TV, I wanted to use the remote control of the audio in the MiniBox to control audio level.


  • Hi MikeyChris,

    The Supersonic TV may very well not be supported by the Mini Box Remote. I couldn't find any more codes than the ones you've provided. Have you attempted to perform the step where the remote searches for all possible codes by having the TV on, and pointing the remote at the Supersonic TV and doing the following?

    1.Press and hold SETUP until the LED blinks twice.
    2. Press the TV POWER key.
    3. Aim the remote at your TV and press and hold down the SELECT key.
    4. Release the key when the TV turns off and setup is complete.

    On the other TVs, If you have programmed your mini box remote so that it controls the volume levels by adjusting your TV’s volume, then set this control to Fixed. This setting is also appropriate if you control your audio through a stereo or surround-sound receiver.
    If you have not programmed your remote control to control your TV’s volume and
    instead wish to use the remote to control volume via the mini box, set Volume Control to Variable. This is helpful if you have an older TV that does not have a remote.

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    Hello Dustin,

    Yes I did try the "search" you mention (several times). It didn't work either.

    All three MiniBoxes and their associated TV's do not recognize the "variable" audio control setting. As i believe I mentioned in my original post, when I drill down to that setting and click VARIABLE, nothing changes (i.e. the remote still will not control audio level in the MiniBox). I tried this with all three of the remote/MiniBoxes I have. They all seem to be stuck in FIXED. It doesn't matter with two of them because those remotes control the TV OK.

    I have read several posts by other people concerning setting the level of the MiniBox audio, and I gather they were able to crank up the level using that procedure (SETTINGS | AUDIO | etc.) but when I try it the audio level out of the MininBox never changes.

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    I found the solution on your website at:

    Click on the CODE FINDER LINK below the graphic, then click the last option on the page:


    This method works:

    The method below did not work UNTIL I did the above steps:

    On the URC-2220-R, press MENU,

    Then scroll to SETTINGS and press SELECT

    Next, scroll to AUDIO & VIDEO

    Highlight VOLUME CONTROL

    Right arrow to VARIABLE/FIXED

    Select  VARIABLE


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    Hello MikeyChris,

    So everything is working properly for you now?

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    I can control the audio level via the Mini Box. I still cannot control the TV in any way. It appears SUPERSONIC's control codes are State secrets and  therefor their TV will not respond to the URC-2220-R. If you ever discover their codes, I would appreciate an email advising me.