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Mini cable box

I just got off the phone with a service agent who told me that the mini cable boxes that we now need to view non-DVR connected TVs do not work on a splitter. All of our connections are used for TVs including the one I use to connect my Netgear data gateway.

I was not told nor can I find information that explains that the mini boxes must be on a dedicated cable connection. Now I will have to forego a TV in one of the bedrooms so that I can continue to use the internet.

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    I have been running a minibox into my bedroom tv for over a year now.  It's on a 50' run off a splitter behind our family room tv.  It works just fine.  You may need a tech to come out and make sure you have enough signal strength to drive the minibox off the splitter ... you will loose anywhere from -3.5db to 7db depending on the splitter.

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    This whole mini-box thing has been a disaster for both the 'users' and what little customer satisfaction Cox had remaining.  They have 'bottom of the barrel' KPI for this metric in industry.  They way this was rolled out is like opposite world in how you satisfy your customer.  They slowly dropped channels and replace it with pleasant music encouraging you to get the box.  No indication it would cost anything.  I mean who but an evil idiot would hatch a plan where you gradually remove a product that your customer has paid for then lure them into paying more for what they already paid for.  Think of it like this.... you have a shop.  Two shady dudes come up and say; "Nice shop.  Really beez a shame if sumtin' happened to it.  Stuff could get missing or busted."  You're like, "waah?"  Then they say, "yaz, a real nice place ya gots.  Nowz we gots this thing.... yeah, a thing.  Shows 'em the thing Bruno"  "Yeah, OK's boss (opens trenchcoat) this is what weez calls the thing."  "It's just a thing, it doesn't hoits."  "It's a mini-thing."  "Okayz Bruno, puts away da thing."  "Nowz this thing lets you keep what ya got or brings yooz back to whats wuz... iffin ya unnerstand."  "Yeah boss, gives back what weez gunna takes hehehe."  "Bruno, don't rubs it in... this biz is already unpleasant enuff for our little shopkeeper here."  "Bottom line, ya really gots to get the thing."  "Bruno cans set ya up"  

    You may recognize this as classic extortion.  It's an illustrative example.

    But wait there's more!  Putting the thing (that you pay for into eternity) gives each set an IP address.  With IP addresses, viewing habits may be monitored.  Viewing habit data is VERY valuable to lets say, "3rd parties."  COX will be rolling up at each of our doors with wheelbarrows full of money as they share in these windfalls.  We can only hope this is the "end game."  COX then reaches Customer Satisfaction levels never before seen in the industry.

    I can't wait 


  • Hi Cporet,

    I'm afraid you were provided incorrect information. Mini boxes work fine connected to a splitter as long as the signal getting to the mini box is within the correct specifications. A "dedicated" cable connection is not required for the mini box. When connected via a splitter, are you missing channels on the mini box? Are you getting any error messages? We can help!

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    I guess splitters go bad or just fail after time. I'll call a tech to come out and check my lines for me. Thankfully I have the protection plan and the visit is free.