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Mini Boxes and Essential Pack

   I recently added new TV service (Starter Pack and two mini boxes), I had some issues with the service and after a few phone calls and chat sessions I had the problem solved, Cox sent a technician and he took care of the situation, It seemed that the CSR that placed the order for me never included that somebody had to come to my home to remove a filter from the outside box.

  The boxes are working fine now and the image in HD is great, I also like the programming guide and being able to use the box remote to control the TV (on/off and volume features).

 Now there is another problem: I am very pleased with the service and I wanted to upgrade to the Essential Pack which includes around 70 channels, I've called on numerous occasions, I've been transferred from one department to another and not a single soul in Cox Communications has been able to offer me what they call "campaign price" or something like that, when I requested the service I was only talked into contracting the Starter Pack with a discount as a new customer, now I am calling five days later and they say I have to pay much more to upgrade and they don't know why the system does not allow them to offer me a better deal. I even spoke with the retention's department to no avail.

  My question is: Is there a human in Cox with enough power to override  whatever the system says in my account and give me a good deal like they used to do before?, I have been fighting with fees, wrong prices and misunderstandings since I decided to order the TV service, they even wanted me to pay 75.00 dollars because in the home I live now the previous tenants did not have cable service in the last five years (I moved in October)... go figure!... whoever writes the terms and conditions of their offers need some basic logic, not everything is money, customer loyalty still exists isn't it?... I have not received a bill yet, I am waiting for a big billing surprise Cox style.

  Please help, I am a disabled senior on a fixed income and every penny counts, A GOOD PRICE IN THE ESSENTIAL PACK IS ALL I NEED, THANK YOU!

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    We can take a look at your account and see what can be done to assist. Please email us at for further assistance.