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Mini Box

I have a number of TVs that require mini boxes. When I installed the TVs directly on the wall or incerted in the wall, I had no provision or design for the mini box. Does Cox have a way to convert to digital as it enters the house versus each individual TV.

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    No, it's not a matter of converting to digital, the signal coming into the house is digital. It's a matter of encryption, Cox doesn't have a way of decrypting as it enters, hence the need for mini or full STBs. Do you have coax in the wall behind each TV? As you are aware, that won't work with the conversion to all digital.

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    the mini box is the most inconvenient god awful device i have for tv .  worse than the old giant cox boxes. all it does is change channels . oh and volume . great i think i had a uncle in 1968 he had a zenith tv with remote channel and volume.

    my haven't we made progress