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mini box

With the new mini box requirement does that mean I have another remote.  If I do have to have another remote can it be programed to run the TV functions, ie power DVD etc.?

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    Assuming you have a compatible TV, the minibox remote will control:

    On the TV:
    - power
    - volume
    - mute
    - input select

    On the minibox:
    - channel select, either by number or up/down
    - last channel
    - guide
    - program info
    - closed caption on/off
    - setup

    That's it, it will not control other boxes like a dvd player but you can select dvd input on your TV.  It won't allow you to get into setup for your tv and you can't control things like sleep timer.  So, IMHO, you need to keep your TV remote around for all the functions not covered by the minibox remote.  I keep the two on my night table, we use the sleep timer function of the TV (minibox doesn't have a timer) to shut it off after falling asleep.

    You can purchase a Harmony remote, they can be programmed for the minibox, your TV and other devices.  The Harmony is the only remote I know of that supports the minibox but there may be more now as the minibox has been out for over a year.

  • Hi, the mini box remote has basic functionality for compatible TV sets allowinig you to control: power, volume, mute and input select. For more advanced functions on your TV set you will still need to use your TV's remote that came with it.