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MINI BOX why are they charging for this


Basic tier service

Cable systems generally are required to offer a "basic tier" of programming which must be included for all subscribers before they purchase any additional programming. The basic service tier must include most local broadcast stations, as well as any public, educational and governmental channels required by the franchise agreement between the local franchising authority and your cable company.

In general, if a cable company increases its rates for the basic service tier, the local franchising authority may review it to verify that it accurately reflects increases in the cable company's costs that cable operators are allowed to pass through to customers. Your local franchising authority also is authorized to enforce FCC rules and guidelines in the following areas:

  • Customer service: complaints about bills, or a cable operator's response to inquiries about signal quality or service requests (learn more at;
  • Franchise fees, which the cable company pays the local franchising authority for the right to access public rights of way to offer cable service.


They are TAP DANCING around this right of basic service by using the "passing higher costs" onto the customer when in fact they are REDUCING THEIR COSTS, DIGITAL IS CHEAPER TO MAINTAIN AND OPERATE than antiquated ANALOG gear. So once again the government will idly sit by as another utility company sticks it to us, their employer, the public...

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    Then do as many of us already have - ditch cable TV.

    Purchase an antenna and a subscription to Netflix/Hulu/PSVue/whatever you want. I haven't had cable TV in almost 8 years now and I don't miss it at all.

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    short answer because they can if you don't like it do like chris mentioned