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mini box volume

I hooked up my mini box but my volume does not work.  I tried the steps I found online where you use the Setup button and the Mute button and go to the volume controls and change to variable and all of that, and it worked on one of my television sets.  However, I have an audio system set up on one of my tvs and it is not working.  I am not using the TV speakers.  Is there a way to get the mini box remote to work on my audio speakers?

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  • Hi Iginvegas,

    How do you have your Mini Box, TV, and audio system connected? I understand you want the audio to come through a stereo or surround-sound receiver. If you have programmed your mini box remote so that it controls the volume levels by adjusting your TV’s volume, then set this control to Fixed. This setting is also appropriate if you control your audio through a stereo or surround-sound receiver. If you have not programmed your remote control to control your TV’s volume and instead wish to use the remote to control volume via the mini box, set Volume Control to Variable. This is helpful if you have an older TV that does not have a remote.