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Mini box, Tivo and other DVR recording

I have a 2-tuner Tivo with a life time subscription and another DVR. As Cox has forced their mini boxes on us, do I have to rent four mini boxes (one for the TV) every month?


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    If the TiVo and other DVR both use cable cards, then you don't need mini-boxes on those TVs. If you don't use cable cards with those devices, then yes, you would have to use a mini-box.

    Any TV that previously had coax going straight from the wall to the TV will need a mini-box because Cox now encrypts all signal.

  • Hi DVRUser,

    The TiVo Series 2 DVR does not use CableCARDs. If your 2-tuner TiVo is a Series 2 DVR, you will need to connect it to a mini box to tune your channels. Are your other DVRs also TiVos? If so, what model TiVos are they?

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