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Mini box sound issues

Just completed installing our new digital mini boxes.  Good picture on all channels but suddenly the sound gave way to a pulsing thumping noise thru the speakers. That went away and after a bit the thumping played on top of the dialog on TV.  What gives?  I rebooted the box (unplugged) and it stopped but is there another fix I should employ?    

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    Hi Scrapper,

    Are there any other devices around the box that may give off any type of feedback? Has the issue happened more than once? You can also swap the box with the issue into a different room to see if you have the same problem with the audio.
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    The TV is wall mounted in the kitchen and has had no previous sound issue before three episodes in about two hours after attaching the box.  It is not wifi capable and the box is the only new item nearby.  TV hangs between a fridge and a wine cooler but away from all other appliances.  If this issue recurs I  will try a swap with the bedroom mini box.


  • Scrapper,

    Thanks for the update. Let us know if there are any questions following these steps!